JukeBox and Gilded Ginger Sniffer

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JukeBox and Gilded Ginger Sniffer

Postby Koopaqueenkt » Fri Aug 31, 2018 7:23 pm

I was thinking we could have a JukeBox curio gadget. I love the music of Slime Rancher, especially the Party Gordo theme and I owuld love to be able to hear it when I am at the home base. It could be a purchasable blueprint, be somewhat pricey to make(maybe rare items like diamonds and lava dust) and cost 1 pink plort to select/play a song. Comes with preloaded songs and we can buy other songs as blueprints and craft them to add to the selection. Can only be placed on the Ranch and expansions and only 1 per location i.e. Ranch, Ogden's or Mochi's.

I'm sure we all know the locations of where the gilded ginger will spawn but after a while it gets kind of tedious. I know it's part of the game since it's a rare item and whatnot. But I was thinking we could get an upgrade to the VacPac called the Gilded Ginger Sniffer. It's an upgrade that alerts you when you're near a ginger. Could be on a timer and takes a while to recharge, also makes little pig oinks that get louder the closer you get. I'd say it needs to be expensive whether it's an upgrade purchase or a blueprint. It should cost you an arm and a leg, lol
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