The void horror idea

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The void horror idea

Postby rorya01 » Sat Aug 25, 2018 6:25 pm

I'll first start by saying this is a small "horror" style zone.
what's the void?
the void is a area got by finding a very well hidden treasure pod left by Viktor telling no one to open or use what's inside. If you don't take his warning seriously you will want to open it. When you do the music stops and starts to play a Erie tune with slimes laughing at you in the background. You will pick up the gadget known as the failure. The failure is a portal to the void, the void is a large dark and terrifying cave system where your the hunted now. Once you get back to the ranch with the failure the music will be happy again. When you place the failure the portal says it needs a battery... A sacrifice. The sacrifice will be a boom slime and a rad slime. Once you power it up bring lots of water and if needed gilded gingers. Inside you will be meet by the same Erie tune you heard earlier. This time the laughs sound closer when IT is near you. The IT also known as the meat eater will eat slimes inside the void and make the best plort, the void plort. The void plort has a base value of 300 new bucks and can only raise up not go down. The true horror are the small cutscenes and the running segments. In a deep part of the void beatrix will find viktors old old lab. It will have some great treasure pods locked in and... Wait you hear a floor creak. When you turn around you will see a shadowy figure look at you in the shape of a huge quantum slime. It will say lest ye be judged. Then all hell breaks loose the walls open and 10 tarrs come out. If you survive then your water will be refilled and you will get a void fragment that instantly goes into your house where it will just sit there. Next cutscene/event is...YOU. while walking you see a person above you in the cave at certain moments they look like you and even have your same colors. Later you will be in a huge room full of tarr after you clear the room a fountain comes out of the ground. Grab some water and look up. Above you is YOU, YOU is a boss, all you have to do is simple they will tried to vac you up causing damage to you but if you shoot water at it you'll weaken them so you can goomba stomp them. Repeat it five times and you win. A portal appears infront of you back to your ranch. The horror isn't over yet. Bea will be so tired she will go to bed and have knightmares walking her up slightly early. When you go out your crops are eaten Corral's are damaged and your slimes are gone.... WHAT THE FRICK. You may think. You know something must have come out of the void. And it's out there. And could be right behind you. You might know what it is. The meat eater will now be out there and be... Passive? Wat. The meat eater is happy it's out of the damp caves of the void and gives you a special gadget that has unlimited uses. The slime horn, the slime horn summons the meat eater who you can now ride somewhere?

This is a thing here that I thought would scare people so I left it here for people who want to read it. If the meat eater when in the void catches you the screen will turn black and you'll hear a chomp then beatrix scream while the chomping sound still goes. This will cause a "death" when you die you respawn when you either entered or beat an encounter.
P.S I know this wouldn't fit in game I just wanted to have a nice scary idea
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Re: The void horror idea

Postby hovershift » Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:29 am

needs to be darker, no challenge,no nice things
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