Frost Prarie

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Frost Prarie

Postby SlimePies » Thu Sep 26, 2019 5:45 pm

Ps. this is related to my "slime seasons" and "crystal bridges" topics

Frost Prairie
“A grassland frozen from the native burrmites”

A field covered in snow, with light blue burrmite mounds scattered about

Fill all 5 puff slime statues in the crystal bridges area to activate the opal-like circle as it will teleport you here

Sub Areas
The Oasis: A subsection consisting of a pond, connects to the main area
Icy Bluff: A cliff that has a chill gordo on it which is around a slime key. It is above the slime sea and connects to the main area
Hollow Cave: A cave under the icy bluff, has a slime gate connecting to the frozen portal
Frozen Portal: An area with chill slime statues and an inactive portal

Seasonal Progression
Winter, Winter, Winter, Winter

New Resources
Chill Slime
“An extra cool slime”
Description: A blue slime with a light blue top and a snowflake pattern on its head
Secret Style: Ancient, Bottom becomes scarlet, top becomes navy, snowflake becomes swirl
Diet: Veggie
Favorite: Rutaberga
Slimeology: The icy chill slime is immune to the affects of cold temperatures, but weak to the effects of warm temperatures. This means that for a happy chill slime, you’d most likely need a cooling fan in your corrals. Even largos need these upgrades
Rancher Risks: Chill slimes rapidly absorb heat due to their naturally cold state. This however, causes an byproduct similar to crystal slimes in which the chill slime rapidly changes its temperature. This causes objects and slimes to be instantly frozen if nearby. The only objects that are immune have naturally high temperatures, like crystal and fire slimes, or naturally low temperatures, like rutabergas or other chill slimes
Plortonomics: Chill plorts can chill the air around them, giving them all sorts of uses from refrigeration and temperature regulation to protecting pioneers on desert planets

“The hottest ovens can’t even heat it up”
Description: A light blue rutabaga. The tip of its root is an icicle. Its leaves are minty
Type: Veggie
Favored By: Chill Slime
Seasons: Winter
Entry: Rutabergas are know for being exceptionally cold. This attracts chill slimes who love them. Rutabergas feed off permafrost in the ground. They have a very icy crunch when bitten in

New Slime Science Gadgets
Cyan Warp Depot
Class: Warp Tech
Materials: Glass Shard x3, Chill Plort x20, Slime Fossil x3, Lava Dust x1
Effect: Same as other warp depots

Cyan Teleporter
Class: Warp Tech
Materials: Strange Diamond x1, Hexacomb x5, Glass Shard x10, Chill Plort x25
Effect: Same as other teleporters

Cyan Slime Lamp
Class: Decoration
Materials: Primordy Oil x8, Glass Shard x8, Chill Plort x12, Phosphor Plort x12
Effect: Same as other slime lamps, but produces cyan light

Cyan Firework
Class: Curio
Materials: Glass Shard x3, Chill Plort x2, Battery Pack x1
Effect: Same as other fireworks, but produces a cyan mortar

Frost Tree
Class: Decoration
Materials: Chill Plort x20, Tangle Plort x10, Hexacomb x5
Effect: None

Frost Grass Patch
Class: Decoration
Materials: Puddle Plort x10, Chill Plort x5, Spiral Steam x15
Effect: None

Ice Boulder
Class: Decoration
Materials: Chill Plort x25, Slime Fossil x5, Deep Brine x15
Effect: None

Frozen Stalagmite
Class: Decoration
Materials: Chill Plort x30, Indigonium x10, Spiral Steam x20
Effect: None

Burrmite Mound
Class: Decoration
Materials: Chill Plort x20, Slime Fossil x8, Hexacomb x18

Slimes: Pink, Tabby, Rock, Phosphor, Puddle, Chill
Fruit: Pogofruit, Cuberry
Veggies: Carrot, Heart Beet, Rutaberga
Meat: Hen Hens, Chickadoos, Rosteros, Stony Hens, Stony Chickadoos
Drill: Jellystone, Slime Fossil, Strange Diamond
Pump: Primordy Oil, Spiral Steam, Lava Dust
Apiary: Buzz Wax, Hexacomb, Royal Jelly
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