New world idea (Aquatic world)

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New world idea (Aquatic world)

Postby Mb15 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 6:10 am

It would be awesome if you extended the world by using the slime sea. You could have a new aquatic world that you could access via a boat at the docks that runs on primordy oil. The boat could take you to an area that is “safe” to dive (maybe with puddle slime floating on top). Then you would need to have purchased a scuba suit in order to dive which would give a lot of opportunity for upgrading. (Ex. The first suit would only dive so far, then you could upgrade to dive further and there could be different things to discover at each depth). It would also lend opportunity to add more slimes (Ex. Shark slime, dolphin slime, octopus slime,...). Maybe some could eat fish, some could eat coral and so on. It could open up new resources in order to add or upgrade your boat/scuba gear or gadgets to help you collect things (Ex. You could have a net for fishing or something to break the coral). You could also play on the weather anomaly, like the heat wave in the desert, and you could have a thunderstorm that creates electricity that draws in or produces lightning slime. The lightening slime could be placed on your ranch with something like the incinerator but with a lightening pole. Then you’d have to have a gadget that produces an electric shock to charge the pole and the slime in order to keep them. As for the other aqua slime you could have tanks instead of corales to place them. You could then have different coral and things to purchase/find in order to decorate your tank. I think that this could give the developers some wonderful new opportunity since there’s already been so many things done on land. Thank you for developing such a great game. My whole family enjoys playing.
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