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Slime Ideas!

Postby rnainframe » Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:42 am

Hi! Call me Lars. I've been talking with some friends, and we've had some ideas for slimes!

Slush Slimes
  • Cousins of slimes like the Crystal and Rock Slimes.
  • They're somewhat fluid, similar to Puddle Slimes, though they can survive a bit longer outside of their ideal habitat than those.
  • Their ideal habitat would be a Freezer, an area used for keeping food from rotting for much longer than they would be on their own. The Slush Slimes will sometimes munch on foods that become entirely frozen, though, so keep an eye on how long you keep them in there!
  • Appearance-wise, they're like a mix between a normal slime and a more liquid one, with a coating of frost and chunks of ice on their bodies. They're a pale bluish-white in color, and when their mouths are open you can occasionally see puffs of breath from them.
  • Their dietary needs are similar to their cousins, the Rock and Crystal Slimes, although they're also special in that their favorite treats are anything that's been frozen for too long.

Hound and Pack Slimes
  • Canine equivalents to the Tabby and Hunter slimes!
  • Hound Slimes are brownish in color, and have little wagging tails and floppy ears. They enjoy picking up toys and running wild with them, and will chase after anything you throw near them.
  • Pack Slimes have bushier tails and pointed ears with rounded tips. They're gray in color with amber eyes, and they're rather solitary unless around other Pack Slimes. They tend to crowd around Pack Largos more often.
  • Hound Slimes are omnivorous, but will only give a normal amount of plorts when eating meat. Cause dogs will eat anything that smells good even if it's bad for them. Meanwhile, Pack Slimes are almost exclusively carnivorous, as wolves are.
  • They're both very affectionate when happy! They'll come up to you and bounce gently against you, like being nuzzled. Though, sometimes Hound Slimes are very excited and will bounce very hard against you. Maybe they sometimes also zoom around like a dog with zoomies!

Hare Slimes
  • Based on both rabbits and sea hares. They'll likely be found in the same environment as Slush Slimes.
  • White in color with some darker patches, as well as little ear-like antennae.
  • They hop around more often than other slimes, and will sometimes flop over when happy or after eating their favorite food, which happens to be the most common vegetable- carrots!
  • Obviously, their diet is vegetables.

Comet Slimes
  • Starry slimes that only appear rarely at night. They'll shoot down from the sky and leave some plorts in their wake when they land, but if you can get close enough while offering some starfruit, they'll give even more plorts!
  • They're very shy and prone to vanishing in a puff of stars if you come too quickly.
  • If you watch from a distance, they can be seen bouncing around and playing with Phosphor Slimes, twinkling and singing while doing so.
  • If one manages to land directly on you, you'll probably get an achievement for it!

An area for all of these could possibly be like a tundra or some kind of snowy area. Slush Slimes can be found wandering in the snow or drifting around on frozen pools, while Hound and Pack Slimes can be found chasing after spooked Hare Slimes. At night, you'll find Phosphor Slimes in the mix, as well as the occasional Comet Slime!
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Re: Slime Ideas!

Postby EmeraldPlay » Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:53 am

Good ideas, though I don't think that Carrots should be a favorite food, since they're the most common veggie.
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Re: Slime Ideas!

Postby SlimeCone99 » Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:45 pm

Cool ideas Lars
I like Slime Rancher... just that what did you expect

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