Greek Myth slimes

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Greek Myth slimes

Postby QuantumTangle23 » Thu Mar 29, 2018 3:49 pm

This will be released in several parts. Just putting it out there.

Chapter 1: Mt. Slimelympus

New Area: Mt. Slimelympus

Mt. Slimelympus is a mighty mountain named after Mount Olympus, the famous mythological mountain.
It is very similar to its namesake, including similar features and a mysterious structure on the top.
It can be accessed from the indigo quarry.

New slime: Zeus Slime

The father of all slimes. Maybe.

Diet: Meat

Favorite: Almighty hen

Toy: Fluff cloud

Slimeology: The Zeus slime is a white slime with a scruffy "beard" that grows on it (though it is actually a substance similar to wool). The "Slime wool", as it is called, can produce electricity due to static.

Rancher Risks: Zeus slimes can produce lightning through their slime wool. This harms the rancher if they touch it.

Plortonomics: Zeus plorts can be used to make slime wool, which can be gone through a long and difficult process to make fluffy things, or they can be harnessed to create powerful (yet short) bursts of energy. Recently Mochi miles has been buying these short blasts. I wonder why...

New slime: Hera slime

The Mother of all slimes. Maybe.

Diet: Fruit

Favorite: Gold apple

Toy: Stuffed Chickadoo

Slimeology: Hera slimes are slimes that look like yellow slimes. They also have a little silver bit near their head.

Rancher risks: Hera slimes HATE largos. They refuse to eat plorts and will not make plorts near largos. Careful planing must be ensured to make sure they make plorts.

Plortonomics: Hera plorts can be used to make valuable products. A ring made out of hera plorts is said to be good luck for marriage.
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Re: Greek Myth slimes

Postby EmeraldPlay » Thu Mar 29, 2018 4:43 pm

Nice idea, but I think the zeus slimes should do more than that.
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