Mesa Mesh, Steampunk Slimes, Toxic Tomato

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Mesa Mesh, Steampunk Slimes, Toxic Tomato

Postby jarethverens » Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:42 am

Steampunk Slimes:
These are cyborg like slimes that live in a zone called the Mesa Mesh (More on that below), they shoot lasers at whoever they think is a threat (e.g. Unfamiliar Ranchers, Tarr etc.), they like to eat the various Toxic Tomatoes that can be found there, Steampunks also act similar to a Tangle slime, they release steam while in water. They will stop shooting at you when you feed them since then they'd know you're not a threat.
Toxic Tomatoes:
These are a common frui-wait, are they fruits? or veg? Who knows! Anyway, they are common in the Mesa Mesh and are hated a lot by the slimes, you see, they produce a very, Very, VERY bad odor that smells like, well, imagine the smell of vinager combined with poop and rotten egg, that's basically how bad the smell is. Slime Scientists barely ever get close to them, the smell seems to sometimes go through gas masks. Just imagine if a Tarr got near one and made it rotten... Despite the name, they aren't actually Toxic, it's a way of describing how bad the smell is. But however, interestingly, they are the favourite of Steampunk Slimes (Probably because they don't have a way of smelling, due to being part robot.)
Mesa Mesh:
This is the home of the Steampunk Slimes and the Toxic Tomatoes, it's a large island off of the Far Far Range, the island is mostly made of clay, but has loads of metal ores as well, but there are 2 reasons why people never started a mine there, first the Steampunks thought the people were a danger and attacked, second, apparently the population of Steampunks had some consequences like, frequent Acid Rains?
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Re: Mesa Mesh, Steampunk Slimes, Toxic Tomato

Postby EmeraldPlay » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:22 am

Was there a reason for you to repost your idea?
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