[Zone Suggestion] Subzero Cavern

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[Zone Suggestion] Subzero Cavern

Postby z0mbiesrock » Sat Jul 15, 2017 4:52 pm

Subzero Cavern
"Deep below the surface, an ancient secret is about to be revealed..."

Entry Cost:
1 Slime Key
1 of each of the following Plorts: Pink, Rock, Tabby, Phosphor, Honey, Boom, Rad, Puddle, Hunter, Crystal, Quantum, Mosaic, Tangle, Dervish, Fire

Slimepedia Entry
The Subzero Cavern is completely uncharted territory, existing completely underneath the surface of the Far, Far Range. Its name was quickly coined following its recent discovery by a rancher who stumbled upon it after solving an ancient puzzle.

While deep below the earth's surface eventually leads to the hot magma mantle, the depths of the caves are actually bitterly cold! It's thought that the Slime sea covering the majority of the Far, Far Range's surface insulated the planet's core from heating up, causing the caves to be dark, cold, and full of dangerous lakes of slava.

Yet even within these caves, slimes flourish despite the lack of sunlight. Yet at its depths, there potentially lies an even bigger secret that could change the way we see the Far, Far Range forever...

Natural Resources
A list of slimes/resources available in the Subzero Cavern:

  • Rock Slime
  • Tabby Slime
  • Phosphor Slime
  • Boom Slime
  • Rad Slime
  • Crystal Slime
  • Quantum Slime
  • Hunter Slime
  • Tangle Slime
  • Lucky Slime
  • Gold Slime
  • The Tarr
  • NEW: Shiver Slime
  • NEW: Poison Slime
  • NEW: Grapple Slime
  • NEW: Nanite Slime

  • Hen Hen
  • Roostro
  • Stony Hen
  • Briar Hen
  • Carrot
  • Heart Beet
  • Oca Oca
  • Silver Parsnip
  • Pogofruit
  • Prickle Pear
  • Mint Mango
  • NEW: Tundra Hen
  • NEW: Lettice
  • NEW: Glass Guava
  • NEW: Nanite Slime

Exclusive Slime Science Resources:
  • NEW: Perma-Cube (Rare, Drill)
  • NEW: Slimy Snow (Rare, Pump)
  • NEW: Frozen Comb (Rare, Apiary)

Notable Features
Ice-Cold Environment
The Subzero Caverns are unique in that they completely lack the presence of Pink Slime; additionally, slimes will attempt to huddle together to conserve warmth, unless they're shiver slimes. The cold is so intense, Beatrix's energy drains if she gets too close to the Ice Spires that are scattered throughout the caves. Having no energy will cause the cold to damage Beatrix, and some areas are slippery!

Instead of a Slime Sea, there are large lakes of frigid slava scattered all over the caves. Falling into it instantly knocks Beatrix out.

Perpetually Dark
A flashlight is recommended; the caves are quite dark. It's dark enough for Phosphor Slimes to remain active 24/7, despite the lack of Phosphor Slimes that do live here. The caves are so dark that Tarrs live forever unless splashed with water!

Ancient Machines
Throughout the caves, one may occasionally find buried mechanisms or machines. Some of these machines may even be functional...

Feral Slimes Everywhere
Feral Slimes can appear almost anywhere. The cold environment pressures any Largos that can eat meat, causing them to go feral if they don't find anything to eat after a while! A specific large chasm is guarded by a large number of Quantum Crystal Largos. Nobody knows what they're guarding there, but it seems to really tick them off...

Evidence of Another Race
As Beatrix explores the deadly caverns, she can barely make out humanoid-insectoid figures within certain pillars or chunks of ice. Could they be aliens that lived on the Far, Far Range long before humans found it in the first place?

New Slimes

Shiver Slime
"Brrrrrrrrrring a sweater!"

Appearance: Gray-blue slime with a white "cap"

Diet: Fruit
Favorite Food: Glass Guava

Shiver Slimes freely roam the Subzero Cavern without needing much warmth. In fact, they naturally shiver to spread the cold away from their bodies. This means shiver slimes constantly emit an aura of cold air that can make other slimes cold, or even freeze them in place for a short time!

A fruit eater, shiver slimes preserve stashes of food knowing that its scarcity could mean days or even weeks without a bite to eat. They do this by blowing frigid air at the food, freezing it so that it doesn't rot. They can also inhale to suck in food from a medium range.

Rancher Risks:
This extremely cold slime can passively drain a rancher's energy supply as well as slowing them down. Additionally, they can cooperate with other slimes to create an icy ladder for easy escape. When agitated, they can blow freezing air at other slimes, or even ranchers, which can cause quite a lot of trouble. Lastly, their response to sunlight causes their icy aura to expand to double its normal radius, which can even cause the ground to freeze up into a slippery mess!

Humans have only just begun to research shiver plorts for their cryogenic properties. Shiver plorts are planned to be used as an alternative to refrigerators, keeping cold glasses of water cold, and even used as a base for a unique brand of ice cream the elite back on Earth would heartily enjoy.

Poison Slime
"Kills whatever it touches, except other slimes."

Appearance: Very dark purple slime with deep orange eyes.

Diet: Meat
Favorite Food: Tundra Hen

Poison Slimes are arguably the most dangerous of all slimes, perhaps even more so than tarr itself. It contaminates any food that touches it, rendering the food unsafe to vac, unsafe to touch, and horrifically agitates non-poison slimes or largos that eat contaminated food. Splashing contaminated food with water will destroy the food immediately, so the food is doomed once contaminated. For some strange reason even the maddest of scientists can't understand, chickens on the Far, Far Range have built up an immunity to the poison slime's poison; the only valid theory is that the immunity was originally supposed to be an adaptation against being eaten by Tarr.

Due to the constant threat of tarr in the Subzero Cavern, it is believed that poison slimes are toxic in order to fend off against tarr that might make an easy meal of it. But the poison only just slows them down, rather than actually harming them.

Rancher Risks:
Poison Slimes are deadly enough to slimes, making their own food agitate them even more, but that's not the worst of it. If a rancher touches a poison slime, they'll suffer serious harm for a while. Finally, their plorts turn any slime that eats them into tarr instantly, even if they aren't largos yet! If one wants to make largos out of poison slimes, they must use the poison slimes themselves, not the plorts.

But rumor has it that strange things happen if you indeed shoot a poison plort at a gold slime, but nobody has ever done that and lived...

Back on earth, there are still pest animals such as rats, mosquitoes, and for some reason a species of hawk that spontaneously attacks anything made from slime. Poison plorts can be diluted to create a natural and safe equivalent to DDT that not only naturally biodegrades, but sterilizes such pests so they don't pose much of a threat anymore to people. Game hunters have even been known to use darts laced with poison plort as a means of clean hunting, and for paralyzing dangerous snakes invading various regions around the world.

Grapple Slime
"Like glue, it sticks to anything it touches."

Appearance: Off-white slime with tiny tendril-like bumps.

Diet: Veggie
Favorite Food: Lettice

Climbing the walls and ceilings of the Subzero Cavern, grapple slimes stick to anything they can get their "hands" on. Grapple slimes fire a long-range "hand" that then retracts the slime towards it, allowing grapple slimes to navigate vast areas in very little time.

Rancher Risks:
Besides the obvious risks grapple slimes impose by grabbing food or plorts from far away, they can even scale the walls of a corral and swiftly break an air net by firing their "arms" to destroy it. Grapple slimes can stick to just about anywhere, and when fused into quite a dangerous largo, the trouble just gets taken up to eleven...

Grapple plorts are chunks of glue that can create a very strong bond with just about anything. Because of how extremely sticky it is, ranchers are usually required to splash away any excess gel off of grapple plorts with water before vac-ing them up. Back on earth, grapple plorts have been used as concrete, and are even used in skyscraper foundations in order to resist earthquakes that might topple a building made with normal concrete.

Nanite Slime
"Ranch with extreme caution!"

Appearance: Silvery-gray slime with red pupils on their eyes.

Diet: Slimes, Meat, Fruit, and Veggie
Favorite Food: Slimes!

Nanite slimes are the most mysterious slime ever encountered as of now. They eat just about anything, even other slimes! Not only that, but if ten of their plorts are close enough to each other, they eventually fuse and create a brand new nanite slime! They get hungry really quickly, and won't hesitate to get a taste of rancher if they're very agitated.

Rancher Risks:
Because nanite slimes eat a lot, they can quickly fill up a plort collector, and their leftover plorts can grow into more nanite slimes. If that wasn't scary enough, nanite largos eat twice as much as nanite slimes. And if THAT wasn't scary enough, if a nanite slime eats a Pink plort, the resultig Nanite Pink Largo will ALWAYS be feral, and impossible to calm down!

Nanite plorts are being studied intensively for the nanotechnology that (apparently) makes nanite slimes tick. Such nanotechnology seems too complex to be a natural slime plort, leaving some doubting if the nanite slimes themselves are natural at all...

New Foods

Glass Guava
"How does a fruit this fragile thrive in the most hostile environments?"

Appearance: Clear guavafruit with a translucent core.
Special: Shatters if shot onto a hard surface!

Food Type: Fruit
Favorite Food of: Shiver Slime

Glass Guavas are clear fruits that look like they're mad of glass. However, upon closer inspection they are actually edible, tasting like candy. Perhaps this is the main cause of the shiver slimes', well, shivering.

On the Ranch:
Deposit a glass guava into a garden's depositor and you'll grow a large glass guava tree of your very own. This tree will last for several harvests. Glass guavas are fragile and will shatter into nothingness if fired onto a hard surface or a slime that doesn't eat fruit.

"Firmly planted, they can grow on the walls and ceilings of the Subzero Cavern!"

Appearance: Icy blue lettuce.
Special: Takes three times as long to dislodge. Slimes can dislodge them easily, however.

Food Type: Veggie
Favorite Food of: Grapple Slime

Lettice are firm cabbages that are favored by the grapple slime, mostly because they're the only slimes that can reach them. Lettice are very resilient and won't give in to suction from a vac gun easily, but slimes definitely know how to get a hold of them before you even know it!

On the Ranch:
Deposit a lettice into a garden's depositor and you'll grow a large lettice crop of your very own. This crop will last for several harvests.

Tundra Hen
"It's be eaten or be a popsicle."

Appearance: A hen that is completely blue-white. Even their chicks are completely blue-white.
Special: Actively avoids meat-eating slimes.

Food Type: Meat
Favorite Food of: Poison Slime

Tundra Hens are timid fowl that, thanks to the inner knowledge of countless generations of Hen evolution, will make tail the moment a slime gets close to them with an appetite for chicken. They're intelligent enough to recognize slimes that don't eat meat, and usually try to hide amongst them without being noticed by ravenous sentient biohazards. They share their knowledge of self-preservation with Roostros, but not with other types of hens, because they deserve it for walking up to a smiling Tabby Slime or Boom Slime, totally oblivious to the fate they sealed themselves to.

On the Ranch:
Tundra hens in close proximity to roostros will periodically lay eggs that produce chickadoos. However, keeping too many hens or roostros in close proximity makes them anxious and egg production will come to halt. Savvy ranchers with an understanding of the complex nature of chicken romance always keep their coops from exceeding 12 grown chickens.

Tundra Chickadoo
"They know..."

Appearance: A hen that is completely blue-white. Even their chicks are completely blue-white.
Special: Actively avoids meat-eating slimes.

Food Type: Future Meat

Tundra chickadoos are baby chickens that will eventually grow into a painted hen or more rarely, a roostro.

Chickadoos of all varieties will never be eaten by slimes. Some believe this is because slimes are too kind-hearted to do such a thing. Others believe it's because chickadoos don't yet have enough meat on their bones.

On the Ranch:
Keep tundra chickadoos in a safe place and they'll eventually grow into a Tundra Hen or a Roostro
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Re: [Zone Suggestion] Subzero Cavern

Postby EmeraldPlay » Sat Jul 15, 2017 5:43 pm

Great idea!
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Re: [Zone Suggestion] Subzero Cavern

Postby JasontheBasin » Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:20 pm

"Appearance: A hen that is completely blue-white. Even their chicks are completely blue-white"

"Tundra chickadoos are baby chickens that will eventually grow into a painted hen or more rarely, a roostro. " errors
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Re: [Zone Suggestion] Subzero Cavern

Postby TheGreciansHousehold » Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:52 pm

I quite liked the fruit and hen ideas, but some of the other ideas felt a bit lacking. The shiver slime was a great idea - the name of similar slime ideas is often just "ice slime", so I appreciate your creativity.

The nanite slime was very creative, but I think the risk isn't really a risk - more just a minor annoyance. The pink largo idea seems a bit strange.

The poison slime I was slightly disappointed by; your last 2 slimes had creative names, but the "poison slime" has been requested about a billion times. However, the ideas are nice.

Loved the grapple slime. Good job.

Mainly I found that most of the ideas were just taken from the ruins/glass desert, which I rather disliked. The ice spike was a great idea, but it was rather hindered by the other ideas. The amount of random fruit and slimes also seemed slightly strange.

Overall, I quite liked the ideas but I thought they could have been a lot better. Don't take it too seriously - I believe I'm quite well known for making harsh comments.

Thanks for reading.
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Re: [Zone Suggestion] Subzero Cavern

Postby z0mbiesrock » Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:17 am

Yeah, I can't edit the post anymore because forum posts have a 24-hour time limit to being editable .-.
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Re: [Zone Suggestion] Subzero Cavern

Postby duskflower » Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:26 pm

Undying Tarrs would just lead to there being no living slimes for more than a moment at all times, if left on their own. Perhaps Tarrs could die if they touch the ice spikes and there also could be cracks of sunlight in the cavern's roof (only in a few locations, and they could warm you up) just to keep the population manageable. Otherwise, great idea!
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