Slime Rancher DLC (or possibly sequel) idea

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Slime Rancher DLC (or possibly sequel) idea

Postby BillLeBeaux » Sun Jan 06, 2019 5:36 am

So at the end of Slime Rancher, in Casey's last letter to Beatrix says that she hopes she'll catch the next bus to the Far, Far, Range, and in the credits song we see a bus flying towards the Far, Far, Range. Casey did get on that bus, but a bus to a planet 1 million light years away (even WAY in the future) has got to be REAAALLY expensive, so she shows up broke and asks if she can stay with you. A new Slime Science schematic appears for a house, and (I have no idea what it should need to make it but a lot of hard stuff to get) when you places it next to your house, unlocks Casey as player to for local co-op (possibly also co-op over wi-fi later but discuss that with the Devs first). The excuse for Casey going on adventure almost every time Beatrix does and in some copies of the game not at all is she'll say she is either not cut out for adventuring but will maybe go someday, or say something like she wants to adventure around and explore the range but has times when she just wants to relax, and of course somewhere in the middle for some games too. My original idea was to make it a sequel, but now I think it would work better as a DLC because you get to keep your ranch and slimes and stuff. I hope everyone here likes the idea, even though someone has probably already though about it. If someone in the comments could tell me how to submit this to the Devs that would be great.
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Re: Slime Rancher DLC (or possibly sequel) idea

Postby GoldenLucky99 » Sun Jan 06, 2019 6:43 am

Actually, many people have thought of it, but Monomi park has already stated that they probably will not work on any multiplayer dlc anytime soon. It might happen, but it's unlikely.
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