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Top hats

PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 8:56 pm
by rabbitslime
They are black hats that can be crafted in the lab. It comes in the form of a fashion pod. When you apply them to a phosphor slime/largo, they get immunity from sunlight. I have heard of players who keep some slimes around as pets. You obviously cannot keep a phosphor slime/largo as a pet as it despawns in sunlight.
This fashion pod solves it, but there is a catch:
Each gadget only yields 1 top hat, removing the gadget also causes the top hat to disappear, either from your inventory or if it was placed on the slime.
To craft another top hat fashion pod, it will need double the needed resources. E.g. 2nd top hat needs 2x as much, 3rd 4x as much, 4th 8 times as much
20 phosphor plorts, 12 primordy oil, 8 indigonium and 4 royal jelly