[Suggestion]Slimes and Upgrades (GIF's)

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[Suggestion]Slimes and Upgrades (GIF's)

Postby FreddyReady » Sun Jan 24, 2016 11:21 am

Ghost slime:
Rarity: Very Uncommon at night
Eating: tarr (but rarly hungry since its a ghost eating less) but helpful

Rarity: Rare
Others fan art
ImageAllways happy, but is it dangerously happy?
Eating: You/pink slimes

Rarity: very Rare (even more rare then golden slime?)
Eating: others Plort (turns into what it eats) but gives 2x more (so 1 blue becomes 2)
Blanced by 2x slower to become hungry (if golden plort that could have been farming)
Also Very Hard to find! (since it can transfrom into anything having a little detail on him would be easier and not so impossible to find like maybe different eyes)

1. Cost alot (1k-2k) Transform Big slimes into smaller ones
2. Extra slot 1 (750) 2 (2500) and so on (max 3-4?)
3. Islands or land for Slimes (not cages and difference in how to upgrade and maybe loading them so you can have more and different slimes)
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Re: [Suggestion]Slimes and Upgrades (GIF's)

Postby FreddyReady » Mon Jan 25, 2016 3:59 pm

None thinking this is something to add?
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