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Slime idea

Postby Sauron154 » Sun Jan 24, 2016 9:20 am

Tree slime:Diet water
can only make largo with puddle if you make a largo it while not produce plort anymore it makes Blue apple

WIP slime:Diet every food (also you and rock plort)
Favorite: Rock Plort
If you feed him plort Rock plort he will drop his own plort worth 60- 86+
If you feed him mint mango he will sleep
If you feed other things he will drop random plort from other slimes

Doctor slime: Diet WIP slime and veggie
Favorite: WIP slime
The doctor slime is the maker of the WIP slime. The WIP slime was a failed project
so the doctor wants every WIP slime destroyed. And will do everything to kill them.
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