Create-A-Creature Program!

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Create-A-Creature Program!

Postby QuantumTangle23 » Mon Jan 29, 2018 2:40 pm


In this creative thread you can make up creatures!
No slimes
No sentient creatures
No microscopic creatures
No germs


Name: This is where the creature's name goes!
Scientific name: This is where the scientific name goes!
Planet: This is where you put the planet that the creature lives on!
Biome: This is where you put the biome that the creature lives in!
Looks like: This is where you explain what the creature looks like!
About: This is where you explain what the creature is and what it does!


Red Rabbit
Scientific name: Bouncus Crimmta
Planet: Floralous
Biome: Forest
Looks like: A red rabbit
About: Red rabbits thrive in the forests of Floralous, bouncing and hopping away. Their paws are adapted to digging, so they thrive deep underground.

Scientific name: Buzzus Florus
Planet: Floralous
Biome: Plains
Looks like: A bee, but in rainbow colors
About: Buzzas are bees about the size of a fingernail that thrive all over floralous. They take pollen from flowers and make it into "rainbow honey" that tastes good and is used to build their hives.

Scientific name: Horrus kraka
Planet: Aquaria
Biome: Ocean
Looks like: A giant snake with huge fins
About: Levitas are ginormous creatures that prowl the oceans of Aquaria. They prey on anything that can fit in its mouth.

Those are just the beginning! If you want to make a creature, just post it down below!

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Re: Create-A-Creature Program!

Postby SquillionthGamer » Mon Feb 19, 2018 4:23 pm

Canine Violetus
Proxima Centauri B
Lush Forests
Looks like: Blue Dalmatian-style dog with purple spots. Has three eyes, the third at the tip of its tail.
About: The Purpula(or Purple Dog) is a canine-esk creature from Proxima B known for its similarity and liking of dogs and other earth canines. This may be because of a telepathic function in the Purple Dogs' brains.
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Re: Create-A-Creature Program!

Postby Noggy05 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 12:35 am

Name: Revertin
Scientific name: Revertune Clokkus
Planet: Vulpin
Biome: Introduced to the Plains biome of Vulpin
Looks like: A floating insect with a shiny brass-looking shell. It has a bulbous head with red eyes and weak mandibles. It has tail that dangles along beneath it. It has a stinger on top of its head.
About: The revertin flies around the plains of Vulpin. It was introduced, and its origin is unknown. If a revertin stings you, it will turn back time by an hour, but you will still keep your memory for the hour-to-be. Many dead revertin has been recovered for science. The shell seemed unscathed, but, when opened, there was nothing in it. This leads scientists to assume that its nothing but a shell.
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