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Buffed vackpack

PostPosted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 7:02 pm
by rabbitslime
I thought of an idea that could potentially fix many bugs involving items stuck behind terrain obstacles. We all know that one can't vac past a terrain obstacle. Like have you ever pulled a slime behind a wall, or saw a slime science resource sticking out of a wall? I even had this bug before with fruits and vegetables stuck behind the elevated garden platforms. What's worse is I have 2 ornaments stuck behind a floor!

Introducing the buffed vackpack, it gets temporarily upgraded for a day based on what plorts you used in the slime science refinery. A interface is available to choose which ones you want to temporarily upgrade. All upgrades can be used simultaneously, and if you want to, used one at a time. The plorts for upgrading are boom plorts, quantum plorts and dervish plorts. It would be 30 plorts per upgrade, with a maximum of four upgrades per class. After 24 in-game hours, the effects return to normal.

The upgrades are:
boom plorts - rapid fire attack, speed of vacpack shooting increases. Lv. 1 = 2x as fast, Lv. 2 = 3x as fast, lv. 3 = 4x as fast, lv. 4 = 5x as fast
Quantum plorts - terrain is ignored in vaccing, lv. 1 food ignores terrain, lv. 2 slime science resources ignore terrain, lv. 3 ornaments and echoes ignore terrain, lv. 4 slimes and largos ignore terrain
Dervish plorts - rapid vacuum attack, speed of vackpack vaccing increases. Lv. 1 = 2x as fast, Lv. 2 = 3x as fast, lv. 3 = 4x as fast, lv. 4 = 5x as fast

Boom plorts allow you to shoot in rapid fire, like a real machine gun; have tried pelting a tarr with plorts until it falls into the slime sea? This upgrade makes things easier. It can even be used with water to clear a horde of tarr.

Quantum plorts allow you to suck objects behind walls, like pulling a fruit behind a retractable door, or a vegetable behind a wall or floor. Slimes can also be vacced out of walls if they ever get stuck in one if upgraded further.

Dervish plorts allow you to suck with much greater power, enough to dislodge half buried objects. It will also cause slime to move faster towards the vackpack than food, allowing for a quick collection of both slimes and food in an area.

Re: Buffed vackpack

PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 7:56 am
by Purplecharmanderz
May be handy I’m in favour of this with maybe a few additional upgrades. Honey plorts maybe for effecting the average effect of items, I’ll put more detail on my own ideas for additions to this when I’ve got time

Re: Buffed vackpack

PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:54 pm
by Purplecharmanderz
Ok so some of my own ideas

Rad plorts: increased recharge rate (additional 25% per level)
Honey plorts: increase rot timers and egg count of averaged values (by 1 hour and egg per level)
Rock plorts: decreased damage taken (10% a level)
Crystal plorts: chance to avoid damage (2% per level with 4 giving 10%)
Puddle plorts: produce water into the tank automatically (1 point every 5 seconds per level with 7 at level 4)
phosphor plorts: decrease power consumption of the jetpack and increased hover height (2% decrease per level and 3 unit increase per level)

Re: Buffed vackpack

PostPosted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:35 pm
by SlimeCrafter
This needs to be moved to the General Discussion forum, as it is more likely to be noticed there.