Introducing: The Slime Science Connoisseurs!

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Introducing: The Slime Science Connoisseurs!

Postby NobothBlue » Wed Dec 20, 2017 5:45 pm

Hi guys! I'm new here but I'm enjoying slime rancher so far and I'd like to share you all a bit of my ideas.


If you haven’t noticed yet, there’s an NPC in the game for almost every item there is. Ogden requests veggies and fruits, Viktor wants slimes, Mochi prefers plorts, and Bob eats chickens for a living. However, there seems to be no demand for slime science resources, so this is my attempt for original slime exchange NPCs that demands those things you get from the extractors. They are collectively known as the Slime Science Connoisseurs.


There are three Slime Science Connoisseurs in total, each specializing in drill, apiary, and pump resources respectively. They would be unlocked as NPCs in the slime exchange a few days after placed your first advanced extractor AND obtained at least one of each items from a specific extractor. Usually, they would request substantial amounts of the more common resources in exchange for a few rarer resources and/or even slime science gadgets!

Lore-wise they are each very well-known people and are likely busy with other things, hence the reason why they don’t notice or speak to you like the other NPCs at the start of the game. Once you made quite a name of yourself (like crashing the plort stock market at the end of the game lol) they would take notice of you, contact you via starmail, and will be interested in doing businesses with you. In tradition of the upcoming updates, there will also be specialized maps focused around each connoisseur, each of them will have new slimes and resources and provide plenty of character development for the Connoisseurs.

Here they are!

Kanti Costa - The Renaissance Star

Kanti never set her foot on the Far, Far Range, but dreams of doing so ever since she was young. She read a lot of novels from the people who journeyed to that planet and fills her head with imaginary adventures. She wrote books, written songs, and painted drawings of it. At some point in her life, Kanti thought about using liquids from the Far-far range as paint for her drawings. This not only made them more beautiful, but added a one-of-a-kind uniqueness to her paintings as well. Kanti cause a small-scale art revolution, earning her name and prestige and spotlight to her genius work, which skyrocketed her reputation. A women of a wide range of talents, she became a famous diva and painter back on earth and earned a great following, but her eyes are always set to the sky. The only thing setting her back is her millions of fans back home, whom she loved just as much.

Kanti’s biggest dream is to discover the mythical Slimeri-La, an ancient island buried under the Slime planet inside an air pocket. It was said that all things that flow in the planet’s crust eventually flowed into Slimeri-La. Waterfalls of various rich resources provide nutrition for numerous exotic plants and slimes, a source of imagination that fueled people’s minds with wonder. Kanti wished to discover it as inspiration for her ultimate work. News of an adventurous juveline rancher reached her ears, so she might consider her as a traveling partner…

Kanti would request a combination of primordy oil, deep brine, silky sand and/or spiral stream for a combination of lava dust, spiral stream, and/or random gadgets.

Kanti came from a Native American and Brazilian heritage.

Kanti’s Catastrophic Update

People can only wait for so long.

After years of delay, the famous diva and painter Kanti finally booked her ticket to the very planet that provided an unlimited source of inspiration for her work. But that wasn’t the only reason. Recently some researchers discovered a large stream of various slime liquids flowing in a huge cave at the bottom of the Slime World, and that can only mean one thing.

New Area: The Slimeri-La

Somehow, of all the people in the Far, Far range, Beatrix was chosen by Kanti as her tour guide! The renaissance star will take you as her guide as you both search through the biomes, and eventually, discover a hidden cave that takes you deep underground, into the mythical island of Slimeri-itself. But bad news, the island is somehow in the middle of collapsing! You both must explore, investigate, and save the island before it gets destroyed for good!

Jintae Jeong - The Jaded Beellionaire

Jintae and his family moved to live the rancher life in the Far, Far Range ever since he was a young. Raised to be humble yet robust, he diligently honed his love and talent for ranching early on. Although excellent in slime ranching, Jintae found his true calling in bee farming. His genius and aptitude quickly gained fame for the people at home when he produced some of the sweetest, purest, and most high quality honeys from the alien planet. His popularity exploded when he became the first and only manufacturer of helium honey: a resource and food so peculiar and delicious, produced by the outrageously difficult-to-farm and rare Helium Bees. His newfound fame quickly raised him as the biggest honey tycoon in the planet, showering him in money…

However, somewhere down the line, Jintae was so occupied with his businesses that he lose his love and passion for farming. His once earthly and happy simple life has become jaded and drained, and so does his personality. After hearing about Beatrix’s rise as a rancher, her positive attitude reminded him of his young days which attracted him to trade with her. Would you be able to reignite his passionate spirit?

Jintae would request a combination of beeswax, buzz honey, pepper jam, and/or hexacomb for a combination of royal jelly, hexacomb, and/or random gadgets.

Jintae came from a South Korean heritage.

Jintae’s Journey Update

Helium Bees are notoriously almost impossible to contain. Because a part of their bodies are made of helium, they move extremely fast, their honey output is low when they are stressed, and most of all, their natural homes are helium hives that float in the air and never stayed in one place. How Jintae was able to farm them was a company secret, but it looks like he’s going to share it with Beatrix.

New Area: The Helium Hivemind

Although most helium hives are the same size as most beehives on earth, an overwhelming discovery was recently made. Floating near towards Beatrix’s ranch is a colossal, massive colony of gigantic helium hives, newly named as The Helium Hivemind. Nothing remotely this close has EVER been seen before, and naturally this attracts attention from the rest of the ranching world including the beellionaire Jintae himself. Partnered up with the rich beekeeper, Jintae invites you to explore the enormous floating islands of the Helium Hivemind, discover new slimes and resources with him, and maybe, you’ll be able to reignite his soul once more.

Gaia Gamal – The Slumbering Discoverer

Gaia Gamal and her father Pontus Gamal are probably the most prolific members of the Slime Planet’s archeologist society. They are known as brave adventurers that lead many first-hand discoveries of ancient structures and laid the foundation of many theories of the first civilization that exists before the humans. Their modest and upbeat personalities are contagious, and many archeologists find pleasure working with them. But it all changed a few years ago.

Pontus went on a solo trip in search of the famed Jellystone Pantheon, an ancient structure the size of a city made entirely out of hardened plorts. Pontus went missing and never came back…

This affected Gaia heavily as her father was very dear to her. Years down the line, Gaia stopped most of her bombastic discoveries that she was known for and chose to instead retreated to study the geological composition of the world. Her name disappeared from the talk of the archeologist society. Sitting behind her desk in a closed room, she became too embracing of her safe space unlike her past self… or so they all think.

Gaia would request a combination of jellystone, indigonium, glass shard and/or slime fossil for a combination of strange diamond, slime fossil, and/or random gadgets.

Gaia came from a Greek and Egyptian heritage.

Gaia’s Galvanizing update

As it turns out, Gaia’s research on the planet’s rocks are not in vain. The Jellystone Pantheon was once the capital of an empire that encompasses the entire world, and almost every mineral has entered the empire’s economy at some point. Piecing out clues together, Gaia researched through the years in hopes of finding the Pantheon- and whatever happened to her father along with it. A trade with Beatrix gave her a groundbreaking breakthrough, as the minerals you sent to her turns out to be the keys of a secret entrance to the legendary pantheon itself.

New Area: The Jellystone Pantheon

As Gaia’s adventurous spirit began to burn again with her lead, she drags you to locate the old megastructure hidden beneath the ocean. A unlock the gate, and watch as a whirlpool opens to a magnificent city lost in time. You will learn about the history of the people who once lived there, uncover numerous enigmas and technologies from long ago, and perhaps finding new friends (slimes) along the way. And most important of all, figure out what happens to the renowned Pontus Gamal. Will you be able to reunite the father-daughter tag team that once shook the world?


Phew, took me a lot of hours to write that off! I’m glad I can share this with you guys and I’d be humbled if you guys like it, and if you don’t, you can make some suggestions with better ideas. Sorry if I made some terrible grammar mistakes because English isn’t my first language.

I still haven’t thought of new mechanics, new slimes, and new slime science resources for each update. I have a general idea for how each Slime Science Connoisseurs and new areas look but I can’t draw :(

Anyways, feel free to ask if there’s some confusion (I made some of them in a hurry haha) and I’ll try my best to answer. Thanks for reading!
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Re: Introducing: The Slime Science Connoisseurs!

Postby bobschicken » Wed Dec 20, 2017 7:56 pm

In my opinion, i think that the characters you have created have pretty good character, i'm not too sure how the idea of trading away surplus science supplies sound, especially in the late game.
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Re: Introducing: The Slime Science Connoisseurs!

Postby NobothBlue » Wed Dec 20, 2017 9:45 pm

hmm... maybe should I make them available once you dropped your first extractor and make their demands more complicated over time depending on your progress.
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Re: Introducing: The Slime Science Connoisseurs!

Postby yuppy » Thu Dec 21, 2017 1:21 am

nice idea
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Re: Introducing: The Slime Science Connoisseurs!

Postby TheCrazyFox » Thu Dec 21, 2017 7:18 am

Great idea!
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Re: Introducing: The Slime Science Connoisseurs!

Postby EmeraldPlay » Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:27 am

Nice idea.
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