[Suggestion] Food

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[Suggestion] Food

Postby TurtleDuDe48 » Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:02 pm

1. Jolt berry
"A shocking mouthful of Electricity"

Type: Fruit
Favoured by: Battery slime (or any electric related slime)

On The Ranch:
Put One Berry on The gardens depositor and youll find out you have a bush of jolt berries! This bush will last for several harvest

The Jolt berry is perhaps the most Peculiar fruits It Has a Strange bitter and metalic taste which battery slimes enjoy.

2. Weedire
" Extremly Hot and MORE HOT!!!
type: fruit

Favoured by: Flare slime (or any flame related slime)

On the ranch: Deposit a Weedire into a garden's depositor, and you'll grow a small tree of weedires. which will last for a few harvest
"The weedire is an extremly hot treat Putting one in your mouth is not a good idea unless you like burning your mouth its no wonder Flare slimes enjoy these things."

3. Onyiax
"rings to you onces you see it"
type: Vegetable
favoured by: Crying slime

On the ranch: Deposit a Onyiax into a garden's depositor, and you'll grow a large patch of onyiax's
"A onion that is shaped like a ring it has a foul taste and it smells horrible and even worse cutting it Will release a foul stench and it releases chemicals which forces your eyes to start crying."

Hope you like these?
all credit for drawing the Crystal slime belongs to Hachiseiko.

And remember kids. Stay in school and don't do drugs.

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Re: [Suggestion] Food

Postby FarmerYuuma » Fri Jan 22, 2016 1:24 pm

These sound interesting.

They seem pretty specific so I was wondering, would they appear like any other regular fruit depending on the zone or would they be only aquirable using the trade market?
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