"The Slimy Creation: Reborn" is coming!!!

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"The Slimy Creation: Reborn" is coming!!!

Postby TheSupremeSlime » Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:22 pm

Oh, my Supreme Slime, it has been SO LONG since I last came here!

First of all, I need to tell something for all of you: I'm deeply sorry. Sorry for letting you all wait the third chapter of The Slimy Creation, through the time I was writing it, school got hard, so I had to pay more attention to my studies. And since the game has finally reached it's full release (Yay!), I have the pleasure to announce the reboot of these series- The Slimy Creation: Reborn! It is coming back, better than ever!!!

Well, I don't have to explain the reason of the reboot, do I? By the time I wrote the first and second chapters of The Slimy Creation, the game was around of it's 0.2.0. version. And it's good that the developers made the full update, now that it means more places in game and, happily, new contents for the stories of the series!

I hope you're all as much happy as I am for the comeback, and I do want you all to enjoy my work.

And as always, I'll see all you fellas soon! Good night!!
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