Blizzard Hollow: New Biome.

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Blizzard Hollow: New Biome.

Postby kookeekwisp » Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:18 pm

Blizzard Hollow: A landscapemade mostly of of white fluff.

Ice slime: Spiky like crystal, but leaves ice on the ground that you can slip on, and plorts/food will stick to the ice after about 20 seconds. Must be "Plucked" from the ground like a veggie. Common
Snowball kiwi: Little bright-yellow balls with slight divits.

Hare slime: A tan slime with a poofball tail & buckteeth. Avoids Fox slimes with a fearful look on their face. Mixing with Fox slime will leave them instantly feral & irritable like Hunter. Uncommon
Reddish: A red radish... that's it.

Fox slime: Orange Tabby-like slime that has a bushy textured tail that ends in a point. Attempts to chase Hare slimes, but wont eat them. They can also get out of any enclosure without high walls & air net, even if they're not largos. Rare
Petite Hen: It's a Hen Hen, but it's slightly smaller & has a darkish-yellow color scheme

Anyone may write slimeology for this bundle of biome
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Re: Blizzard Hollow: New Biome.

Postby EmeraldPlay » Sat Sep 09, 2017 3:33 am

Nice idea.
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