The Sky Spire

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The Sky Spire

Postby Twerps3 » Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:19 pm

Sky Spire
"Higher then the clouds and even the atmosphere"

The sky spire is a mysterious spire on a remote island of the far, far range
no one knows how far up it goes, or how to climb up it on the outside
however, due to the countless caves on the inside one can climb up the sky spire from the inside and occasionally find outcroppings on the outside with caves leading to them to get a glimpse of how far up they are. some say at the top lies a massive gordo, to a ancient spaceship, or even a warp station but who knows what lies at the top, personally I think a magical dog god named Murphy lives on the top!


Sky slime
"there he floats, up, up and away!"
Diet: meat
Favorite: aerated hen hen
the sky slime is a little puff of cloud that flouts around the sky spire aimlessly, looking for tasty hen hens anywhere, on any ledge
when hungry the cloud slime puffs up bigger, to a largo size and when many are in a corral together and puff up, they can break the air net and float out, however they cannot float away up into the sky they can only hover over the ground
they also take on a thunder storm like appearance, and will hit the rancher with lightning, dealing damage

Meteor slime
"be careful these slime can lift off! and then fa- *clunk*"
diet: fruit
favorite: Magmatic pepper
the meteor slime will spawn normally, maybe from random asteroids that crashed through the world (that are apart of the world) then will hover over the ground when using the magnetic ability and will draw things to it until getting a tasty, tasty Magmatic pepper (or another not-as-tasty fruit)

the foods
magmatic pepper
"the boom slime of the fruits"
the magmatic pepper is a very hot fruit, so hot it needed its own type of scoville scale! but however the levels of capsaicin are directly tied to the temperature, and vise versa so splashing it with a dose of water will make them edible, and able to carry them without melting the vac-pac

being said, when carrying a magmatic pepper the character will take damage, if holding many magmatic peppers and then picking up a magmatic pepper that is on fire the rest of the magmatic peppers will take fire and you will have to shoot all the peppers out before dieing!

also, the magmatic peppers are known to explode due to the levels of capsaicin and the tempature
eventually firing deadly capsaicin shrapnel that is also on fire!

aerated hen hen
"who knew hen hen could fly?"

the aerated hen hen is so aerated with air, that it can fly! infact, the aerated hen hen is so full of air that if not tethered down will float away! so the coop net is needed to keep the aerated hen hens in, and also other slimes out

coop net:

it can keep aerated hen hens in, and slimes out
puff slimes and aerated hen hens will never be able to break the net, but any other slime can jump up, and break the net
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Re: The Sky Spire

Postby MisfortuneRising » Wed Sep 27, 2017 2:21 pm

Nice ideas! :D
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Re: The Sky Spire

Postby Randomtangle » Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:23 am





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