Slime Science ideas.

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Slime Science ideas.

Postby akkamaddi » Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:39 pm


These are just a few suggestions for future Slime Science. They could be good prizes for NPC interactions or high-end Ranch Exchange rewards.

:Decoration: Algae Stalks
These are already in the game. The jointed algal stalks that are around the Dry Reef are the most alien looking flora in the game. A good decoration would be a patch of grass with two large and a small algal stalk growth.

:Decoration: Big Balloons
This would be multiple decorations. Each unit would be a cluster of three or five large balloons, each decorated to look like a particular slime. All balloons in a set are the same slime. The balloons are free moving and have collision physics, with sound effects. The base would be a grassy patch of stone with a metal ring, and the balloons would be connected to the ring with an appropriately colored ribbon.

:Decoration: Holographic Map
A very snazzy high tech projector stand on the ground, showing a free-standing display of the map, as filled in by player’s progress.

:Decoration: Treasure Pod Pile
A low, fancy stand on which sits a large, heaping pile of small (quarter size) randomly colored (standard and non-standard) 7Zee Treasure Pods. Even better would be if the display has a built in hue rotation function, so all the treasure pods change color slightly every hour in-game time. This would be a perfect item from Viktor Humphries.

:Decoration: Echoflies
This is made with 100 of each color of Echoes. A small technical projector is placed on the ground it. In the area above it, Echoes of the different colors randomly appear, slowly fly around for a while, and then vanish. Between 8 to 12 Ehoes will be drifting about at any given moment. The Echoflies would float about an area that is fairly tall, and wider than (but centered on) the engineering point.

:Decoration/Utility: Decorative Fountain
This would be based on the rolling ball fountains popular in the last decade. The decoration would be a short stone pedestal with a large stone bowl, half filled with stones. From the stones spouts a water spring. In the spring eternally bobs and rolls a small (quarter-size) slime. There could be multiple “models” with different slimes, or if there is only one, the obvious choices would be a pink (they are everywhere), water (obvious choice), or mosaic (most decorative) slime. Water could be drawn from the fountain for the player’s water tank, but the fountain cannot host a living slime, making it less useful than a Pond.

:Utility: Dinner Bell
A triangular bell, similar to the Taming Bell. When rung, it emits a secret slime frequency that says “Food!”. All nearby slimes will flock to the bell. It is important to note that regular slimes and largos are all affected, as are feral slimes. The bell can be rung by a player, but will also automatically ring at sunrise, noon, and sunset. The attraction lasts for 15 minutes in-game time, making it useful for distracting feral largos.

:Utility: Inflatable Tarr
A horizontal fan blowing up into a parachute-shaped tarp colored to look like slowly wobbling Tarr. The Tarrp has eight tie ropes to the edge of the fan, and slowly wobbles around in random directions. Like a slimecrow, slimes are afraid of it and will stay away. Even better would be to add a pair of flailing tube arms. Largos will also flee. Feral largos will stay a certain distance away. Tarrs completely ignore it.

-More Slime Lamps-

Image Image
Image Image
(NOTE: Images are recolors done by me of images from the Slime Rancher wiki page. I do not own the original images, intellectual property, etc.)

Watermelon Slime Lamp: The slime is magenta/red, with a cluster of seed “freckles” on each cheek. There is a white glow in a narrow band immediately around the slime, and the glow is green. This would be a perfect gift from Ogden Ortiz.

Stardust Slime Lamp: The slime is a mosaic slime. The glow is shifting multi-colored. Stars slowly appear and vanish in and close to the Lamp.

Tigereye Slime Lamp: Based on the semiprecious stone Tiger’s Eye, the slime and glow are brown, a little lighter than the Cocoa Slime Lamp. A golden shimmering band moves across both, preferably in different directions.

Tabbyeye Slime Lamp: Variant of the Tigereye Slime Lamp, this is a dark gray slime lamp with a tabby face, and a deep indigo or violet chatoyant band. This would be a purrfict gift from Mochi Miles.
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Re: Slime Science ideas.

Postby EmeraldPlay » Sun Aug 13, 2017 5:40 am

Nice ideas!
My avatar is from this chart, courtesy of Miomilla.

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