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Phase Lemon Tree

Postby Treguld » Thu Dec 20, 2018 1:15 pm


I've been having this issue ever since I've been playing Slime Rancher. My Phase Lemon tree keeps resetting to unripe lemons if I don't harvest them quick enough from the tree. It doesn't happen every time. Just about half the time. I'll see perfectly ripe lemons while I'm harvesting another tree on the plot next to it. Turn around and then they are back to tiny unripe ones. It makes growing them a bit more tedious. I do find dropped ones on occasion (again half the time). However it is always way less then the other two trees I have in the same area. Sometimes my prickle pear and mint mango trees are over flowing with ripe fruits on the ground. While the phase lemon tree may have up to 15 lemons on the ground. It is admittedly a small issue. It doesn't impact my game play very much. However it does get frustrating when you really need them for your hungry little slimes. ^_^
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