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Consistant Crash on XBONE

PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2018 4:19 pm
by SabreFox
I am experiencing a repeatable Soft Crash on XBONE, seen on multiple systems. This is what we have done on both systems and get the crash.

1 - Play the game for a while (wireless controller)
2 - Save & Quit
3 - Turn off XBONE while in the Main Menu
4 - Leave off for a few hours (go outside! omg the ball in the sky is bright!!)
5 - Turn XBONE back on and "Resume" Slime Rancher from XBONE Main Menu
6 - Get the "Controller Disconnected" message and press the Menu button
7 - Experience Soft Crash. The game is active, the controller can go between the XBONE System Menu and the game, but none of the face buttons or the D-Pad are responsive.

From here you have to use the XBONE Menu Button, Quit Slime Rancher, then Restart the game.