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Poor Dervish is Stuck

PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 11:47 am
by tfvampire
I had a few Dervish slimes sitting close to home in a corral, until recently when one of the little guys disappeared while I was feeding other slimes. It was only when I saw the tornadoes appearing from nowhere that I realized that one of them got stuck under the ground. I've tried baiting it out, pushing it, vaccing it up, but it's fully buried under the ground and all I can do is give it a toy and let bounce under there.

Are there any solutions to saving the poor little guy or is he stuck down there forever? D':

Re: Poor Dervish is Stuck

PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 5:33 pm
by Lionmeow
Unfortunately, I have no idea how you can fix your problem. Once I had a rock tabby who clipped through the ground. He would poke up through the ground to say hi and to get food once and a while. Once he got far enough up that I was able to pull him out. I see that as your only solution. For now. I think there's a problem with that specific corral in your image, as that's where the rock tabby clipped through.

Re: Poor Dervish is Stuck

PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 9:46 am
by tfvampire
The issue with trying to feed the Dervish though is that his whirlwinds always end up grabbing the fruit before he can get to it. The only thing that can withstand the winds is the toy. Everything else ends up flying to the heavens.

I'll keep trying to lure him out with fruit as best as I can, but I really hope there's a better solution sometime in the future.

Thanks for the help :D