Warp Depot issue

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Warp Depot issue

Postby GravityCat » Sun Oct 28, 2018 10:39 am

I've had a busy few days so I've just about managed to get onto the PS4 Edition and download the latest update.

But first, a little backstory: I've been using linked Gold Warp Depots to store my Gilded Gingers in because, why not? One in The Lab, the other in the Entrance area to the Glass Desert near an oasis. Over the last few game sessions I'd accumulated about 16 of them. After the update I played the game as normal, and did another Ginger hunt which was successful. I got back to The Lab where the second Warp Depot is to deposit it, and found the Warp Depot completely empty; my Gingers were gone. All 16 of them. I hadn't used them, or moved them elsewhere. Poof.

I assume this happened because of the update; the last time I played they were still in the Warp Depots.

There's no point getting angry over it so I won't, I'll just have to start again and store them in a Silo instead, since my Silos were unaffected. It's just a tad annoying to lose them and now understandably a bit iffy on using Warp Depots for storage, ha.
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