Firing Slimes Through the Ground (no, really)

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Firing Slimes Through the Ground (no, really)

Postby Lionmeow » Sun Oct 14, 2018 8:31 am

After much work, I've finally figured out the method of firing slimes through the ground. It works in any flat area for largos.

Step 1: Fly up as far as possible.

Step 2: Release the spacebar (and get lots of momentum).

Step 3: Right before you hit the ground, throw the largo you are holding at it.

The largo will go through the ground.

It also works on bridges, and tarr.

For throwing a slime through the ground, you will need an area that when you slip off of it, you get insane momentum.

Step 1: Get up HIGH

Step 2: Get up HIGHER

Step 3: Get to your area of HIGH MOMENTUM

Step 4: Throw your slime through the ground

Now here's a video of me firing them through the ground, as the forums don't want to let me post gifs.
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Re: Firing Slimes Through the Ground (no, really)

Postby GravityCat » Sun Oct 21, 2018 2:56 am

This works for anything that's held on the nozzle of the vacpack. I've actually lost a Saber Slime Mudball due to this because I was unaware of this. It's just because of the way items are held, which are held in front of the player model; during the time they're held they can - for the most part - go through walls, which is purposely done to minimise awkwardly bumping into walls as you're carrying them and flailing the item around. But when let go, they're normally corrected so that they don't fall out the wall.

Now, when you fly up high into the air and drop down to the floor without softening the impact with your jetpack, your camera shifts downwards as if to say "Ahhh my leg!". During this time you'll notice that the item you're holding can clip through the floor if you're holding anything and you're holding it downwards. If you let go of it during this camera shift, the item won't get corrected to be placed above the floor, it'll just be let go underneath.

So my advice is to just not let go of anything until the camera corrects itself from a large fall.
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Re: Firing Slimes Through the Ground (no, really)

Postby CoasterMan » Tue Oct 23, 2018 10:38 am

You can also do this by walking into a wall and letting go of the largo
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