[XBOXONE] Autofeeder bug in Mochi Miles ranch

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[XBOXONE] Autofeeder bug in Mochi Miles ranch

Postby utvaro » Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:13 pm

We are seeing an issue where upon entering Mochi Miles ranch, all auto-feeders in all corrals start emptying all the food in them into the corral. It currently appears to only happen the first time you enter Mochi Miles ranch after logging into the game. Subsequent visits to the ranch don't trigger the bug. There does not seem to be a correlation to the speed of the auto-feeder. There also does not seem to be a correlation to the amount of food in the auto-feeder. We can continue to watch for specific things that appear to cause it to happen, but not sure what we can look for at this point that would be helpful. This does not happen in any other area so far. Note: the account this happens on does not currently have the Ogden ranch opened to test to see if the same thing happens there.
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