Going over fences in Mochi's Manor while sprinting

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Going over fences in Mochi's Manor while sprinting

Postby WaffleMelon » Thu Mar 15, 2018 11:40 am

(I decided to post this here instead of using the report an issue feature because I don't think I could post gifs there)

I've noticed that when you sprint you can easily go over the bridges that link the teleporters in Mochi's Manor. Case in point:


This doesn't seem intended as it can lead you to fall off and get knocked out very easily. It is extremely easy to reproduce so if you need anymore information on the issue, ask away :D

Additional info:
I was only sprinting throughout the whole gif, there was no jumping
It can be done on both bridges that give you access to the teleporters
It seems to be more prevalent next to the corners of the bridges and when going downwards

Hope I helped :)
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