New Update is DESTROYING App Memory on my Mac

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New Update is DESTROYING App Memory on my Mac

Postby TheMK » Wed Mar 14, 2018 1:55 pm

I currently have Sierra 10.12.6, and ever since the update, Slime Rancher hogs all my memory.

I have 16 GB of ram on this machine, and it hovers around 2.62 to 4ish on App Memory as a baseline. However, booting up Slime Rancher starts to steadily increase the App Memory until my total Memory used starts to exceed what's available. I have the graphics on the Lowest setting.

At first I thought I just needed to reboot my machine since it had been a while, but then on a fresh boot, I only opened Steam, to open Slime Rancher, and the Activity Monitor, and watched as my Ram usage kept climbing from 4.40 GB to 12.5 GB and rising. Not wanting to lose progress, I saved and quit the game, and IMMEDIATELY it dropped back to the 4.5 baseline usage.

The weird thing is while I was monitoring the Activity Monitor, the actual Slime Rancher process didn't go above 1.85 GB in usage... but quitting the application immediately took the bulk of the App Memory Usage away... I'm at a loss as to why.. I would prefer not to update to the new OS if possible, since I already struggle to keep my older Adobe software running and can't afford to upgrade to CC yet.

I was really excited to start a new game for the Mochi update since it came out right after my birthday and I wanted to enjoy working towards it, but I won't be able to if running the game hogs all my ram. It never had this issue before.
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