Pond OR Rubber Duck portal?

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Pond OR Rubber Duck portal?

Postby JANAtheLama1188 » Sat Dec 02, 2017 1:09 am

(I'm on the Xbox one)

Hey sorry to bother but I've been running some tests with the rubber ducks and the ponds I've place at the retreat, by shooting the duck into the air super high and watching the duck fall to the water, and when the ducks hit the water they disappear

This only happens at the retreat as well as just with the rubber duckies. I've gotta keep all 80 of my puddle slimes happy and this won't due. I love my puddle slkmes(I have 16 ponds, 80 puddle slimes, and a whole lot of rubber duckies! And I regret nothing!!!)

Thank you for you time
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