How do I update my DRM-free copy??

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How do I update my DRM-free copy??

Postby Eyemcoolest » Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:13 pm

Hello, I purchased Slime rancher for through your official Slime Rancher website using the 'Buy Direct (includes slime key)' link. I used my mum's email and selected 'buy as a gift' then I inserted my email address. I have activated and played both copies (drm-free and steam) and am only now having trouble with it. Recently, Steam has stopped working (it won't open and neither will my steam copy of slime rancher) and the only copy of the game I can play is the drm-free copy but I don't know how to update it. Could you please (in as much detail as possible) explain to me how to update it??

Thank you!
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