Somewhat playable, but still freezing on Mac

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Somewhat playable, but still freezing on Mac

Postby TheMK » Sun Oct 29, 2017 8:06 pm

I have a mac, and with the latest 1.1.0d update I can manage to play for.. an hour or so at a time, but usually, while in the wilds, something causes the game to start jittering, and then it will lock up. I'll have to force it to quit, and I can open it back up, but it usually crashes again far sooner, like in 10 or so minutes, so usually I just... stop for the night. I never had this game lock up or crash on me prior to Ogden's Wilds, so it's something with the new content. It doesn't even crash on its own, so I don't even know if there's an error i can find to share about the problem, I literally have to force it to quit because my screen is frozen and I can't do anything else.
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