Slimes On my ranch dissapeared??? HELP

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Slimes On my ranch dissapeared??? HELP

Postby Megabytz » Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:11 pm

I liked this game But im mainly hear to ask anyone if they know how to reach out to the developers about this: I had a full ranch with a bunch of slimes on it. So i go back to the game after not playing it for an hour, and upon entering i see all of my slimes, Then i alt-tabbed out so i could check something on my desktop. The game closed instead of minimizing. So i relaunched the game only to find when i got in my save that all of my slimes were gone, but i still had all the pens,farms,silos, etc. I tried restarting the game and it did nothing for my situation. As great of a game this is, i really dont want to start over so can someone tell me what to do or if this has happened to them? feel free to msg me on steam.
Thanks for your time
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Re: Slimes On my ranch dissapeared??? HELP

Postby Maria » Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:54 pm

Hey Megabytz!

Sorry to hear that such an annoying incident brought you to our forums. I wish you would have joined us on a happier note. Unfortunately we don't have a solution to offer for this issue at the moment, or a way to restore your farm. It's a really rare, but also really annoying one. Any additional insight you could give us would be very helpful for us to investigate this problem.

1. Which corral(s) were the slimes in?
2. What type of slimes were they and how many did you have in the corral(s)?
3. What upgrades did you have on the corral(s)?
4. Had you recently slept or been away from the ranch for a long period of time when you noticed they were missing? (pretty much answered already, but if you have anything to add..)
5. What are your hardware specs?
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