Tobii Eye Tracking FPS Performance Issues

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Tobii Eye Tracking FPS Performance Issues

Postby PlanetaryPenguin » Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:45 am

I'm using a Tobii 4C Eye Tracker and whenever I use it for Slime Rancher, the in game performance drops from around 90-150 to only 20FPS. Interestingly enough, performance spikes back up whenever looking at buttons or objects you can interact with.

Is this normal? Has performance always been this bad when using eye tracking for Slime Rancher? Or is this a bug that needs to get fixed? Anything I can do in to resolve it?

Task Manager shows the CPU usage of around 25% for Slime Rancher and normal performance when not using the eye tracking software. With it enabled, CPU usage drops to around 9% and FPS tanks. Setting core affinity does nothing to help the issue.

Any help or confirmation that this is a bug would be appreciated. Thanks.
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