Docks glitch

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Docks glitch

Postby Woof » Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:42 pm

When I was playing Slime Rancher earlier, I had made a corral in the Docks area and I shot a slime into one of the corners of the corral, after I shot the slime it freaked out and fell into the ground, I shot the second slime in my vac-pack and it happened to fall. After the slimes fell I shot a silver parsnip in the area where it was glitched and it didn't fall through the floor, I then walked over the glitched area and nothing happened.

Plorts Glitch:

After the Glitch incident with the slimes, there was another incident including plorts. In the docks area there is a small pond where you will find the puddle slime toy when unlocking the docks for the first times, in that pond I placed a few puddle slimes and they had produced a large amount of plorts, I came back to the docks after half an hour or so, when I returned the plorts had disappeared I was sure I didn't collect them.

If anyone has any solutions please help. Please and Thank you :)
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