[Bug, 0.2.5]Slime Rancher Space Program

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[Bug, 0.2.5]Slime Rancher Space Program

Postby Axal » Wed Feb 24, 2016 4:08 pm


I just sent a "Issue Report" from the game menu, and posted this on the forum to make sure everyone see it, as it can be a bit painful.

A visual example:
[Edit] a little more impressive :

To simulate this bug :
Just throw some items on the ground. (fruits/veggie/plort, must be inert so no chicken)

You need to hit escape to access the menu, then wait for a long time (reading the encyclopedia, sending an "Issue Report"), then hit escape again to get back to the game.

You items are now flying everywhere, depending on how much you actually wait.

Consequences :
Plort flying around can be a real hazard, you know largo+plort = Tar, if a corral is compromised...well you are ******.

People that escape to the menu to AFK are going to have a real surprise if they are in their home base.
Trust me.

RIP Pr.Cuddle, my first tabby slime. :C

Good luck for the debug session, must be a "on game resume" event or something, you guys reload the physic for item in view may be.
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Re: [Bug, 0.2.5]Slime Rancher Space Program

Postby Heather » Wed Feb 24, 2016 4:19 pm

Thanks for reporting this, and welcome to our community.
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