Flying/Holding Two Objects Bug(s)

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Flying/Holding Two Objects Bug(s)

Postby BKC » Sun Feb 21, 2016 8:53 pm

I'm not entirely sure exactly what caused this bug to happen, but I will break down some of the causes I observed, and give some explanations for how it might occurred based on the circumstances. Unfortunately, I did not take any screenshots of the glitch, nor did I record it. I was too astounded at the time to even consider it.

Firstly, I was somehow able to hold onto both a Tabby Rock Largo as well as a Hen. I'm not entirely sure how I was able to do this, but I can only think of two reasons for why this would occur. My first hypothesis is that due to the fact that Largos can't be sucked up, I was able to start pulling both the Largo and the Hen, but the Largo stopped the Hen from being sucked in. As a result, being in an awkward position, the Hen would flutter a bit, sending the player into the air. My second hypothesis is that since any Tabby Largo type can eat meat, I had stopped the sequence of when one would eat a Hen partway through, so their sprites would collide off of each other, the Hen would flutter, or a combination of both.

The root of the bug lies with being able to hold more than one item at the same time outside the inventory. I think it would be beneficial to mention that I have held both food items, such as carrots, and Largos previously. So it very well could be related to eating.
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Re: Flying/Holding Two Objects Bug(s)

Postby Heather » Tue Feb 23, 2016 11:24 am

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We believe what you're seeing is a common Tabby behavior of holding on to objects, whether they eat them or not (carrots for example) as they're such adorably greedy slimes. So, while vaccing them... it appears you're holding on to two items when really it's just vaccing the Tabby, who in turn is holding on to something themselves.

Hope that helps!
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