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Known Issues (as of 1.4.1)

PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2015 4:33 pm
by Mike
Here is a list of bugs/issues we already know about, and are currently investigating:

- The game is currently not working on 32-bit Linux machines.

- Some players are experiencing an error while attempting to create/load a previous save.

- In some cases, language settings will revert upon restarting the game.

- Occasionally, Viktor's dialogue box will not close. If you encounter this issue and you're playing with a controller, a potential workaround is to tap the d-pad or left analog stick.

- Chimes sometimes appear to have strange visual effects.

- Tree leaves can sometimes show strange shadow artifacts when SSAO is active.

- On certain Linux systems, using the Lowest graphical settings can cause some visual artifacts. The workaround is to increase the graphics setting for any of: Shadows, Shader Detail, Bloom, or Ambient Occlusion.

If you are experiencing any other bugs please contact

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