Please make a third person view = HERES WHY

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Please make a third person view = HERES WHY

Postby Smolbunni » Thu Nov 12, 2020 11:31 am

Hey there, I just started playing this game and I’m having so much fun. I love the game so much. But I cannot play longer than 20-45 minutes because of how motion sickness I get. I tried to play it longer and it left me feeling very very sick. I hate that. I love cute games like this and I really really wish I would play in third person so I didn’t get sick. It’s really frustrating. In most third person games I can play for 6-7hrs straight with out any signs of motion sickness. Most first person games make me extremely sick like call of duty, black ops, etc. I love this game you guys made but I’m sick to my stomach after playing only 30-40 minutes I hate it because I wanna continue to the fun but I have to get off for a few hours. Please pleaseeee add a third person view I would be absolutely perfect if I could play like that. Thank you so much for reading I hope you consider us folks with motion sickness!
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