Constant crashing and other issues

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Constant crashing and other issues

Postby Shiromisa » Sun Aug 30, 2020 2:43 pm

So I'm just about out of ideas on this one. I've been fighting with this game for a couple months now.

The issues:
-Constant freezing and crashing
-Game no longer auto saves, and sometimes doesn't even save at important event flags like bursting gordos
-According to my fiance my log file indicates memory leaks
-Unless I'm doing something wrong, safe mode is not an option that appears for me.

Things I've tried:
-Setting all graphics options to minimum
-Virus scans and other system cleanups (ccleaner etc)
-Verifying my game files
-Updating my game
-Uninstalling and reinstalling my game

I just discovered the lack of safe mode and that's what kicked this from "hmmm maybe my laptop is just having issues" (although it has all the recommended specs to run it) to "okay this is objectively a problem." Any idea what in the world might be going on?
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Re: Constant crashing and other issues

Postby Watros » Mon Aug 31, 2020 10:22 am

You can use safe mode by clicking the Play button that should show on the screen when Slime Rancher is selected in your Steam library.

It's hard to say what this is without more information though. If you can, please send your DxDiag information to us at and we can try to dig deeper for you.
To find this search for and run DxDiag, then after it has loaded select the option at the bottom of the panel to save your information. Then please send us that file.
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