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Ps4 framerate

Postby johnscarfy » Fri Dec 06, 2019 4:52 pm

hello, I bought slime rancher a while ago and since then I've been waiting for a update to fix the fps on the ps4 version, is there anything planned for the future? it's been almost a year without a fix for this
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Re: Ps4 framerate

Postby Makaifren » Fri Jan 03, 2020 9:33 am

It's Jan 3rd, 2020 and the PS4 Framerate issue has not been addressed. As a software engineer myself I'd like to make some important observations clear to the Monomi developers to help them understand that this is a bug and not simply the PS4 being overburdened:
* The audio gets choppy and this effect continues until application reset. Audio is handled by interrupts and application processing lag would cause a delay in the initiations of sounds, not a steady ~20 hz chop in their playback.
* Non-executive lag. The application can get choppy down to about 4 frames per second due to executive-processing lag and by turning the camera towards a wall (for example when extracting plorts) you will notice the plorts are collecting up to twice as fast. However, there's a state the game can get into, similar with the audio, where everything gets bogged down and it doesn't have to do with how much is going on in the current area. When this occurs, it lays down a 25% performance slow-down for the entire application until you close the game and restart it. It doesn't matter where you walk, what you do, or anything. Restarting the game shouldn't restore 25% long-term performance.

Beware wreckless memory garbage collection, it can cause this kind of problem when fragmentation reaches a theshold and then the memory has to be collected/moved around several times a second.
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Re: Ps4 framerate

Postby Watros » Mon Jan 06, 2020 2:10 pm

If it's not too much trouble, it would be helpful to reach out to so we can collect more information to help us look into this (exact PS4 model and what not).
Thank you!
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