Warp terminal/station don’t “take” what I deposit

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Warp terminal/station don’t “take” what I deposit

Postby Yuina15 » Thu Jun 20, 2019 12:36 pm

You know the calls from other ranchers, they ask for something in return for something else, the thing is for me the dialogue is gone, I just get a screen what to get and when I deposit to the warp terminal. It doesn’t “take it” rather it just count up toward the total (1/5, 2/5 etc.) and in the end I got my rewards but with this new Viktor Humphries update its the same logic, but the lower one (0/20) don’t count anything when I deposit, same with the upgrade count, it did say 360/360 but no “congratulations” but when I clicked on the button manually I did get a new dialogue but I didn’t know if it meant I got the portal upgrade? How do I know if it did? Or is my save file just corrupted and I have to start over?

And what I mean with doesn’t take the item is that it just bounce off the “warp” and I can suck it up again and deposit again the same item etc.

Edit 1: I did get the upgrade but no “manifold cubes” to be able to craft it
Edit 2: I also re-installed the game in hope it would reset that too but to no avail
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