XBOX ONE Glitches

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XBOX ONE Glitches

Postby lovelikelead » Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:11 am

Been playing a lot these last three or so days and I've come to find that I seem to be having some issues with my largo slimes repeatedly disappearing from their corrals in the main ranch area. I keep about eight largo slimes in each corral, and make sure they're fed and the plorts low or removed, but keep losing anywhere from one to five largo slimes in all the corrals repeatedly and have to keep replacing them, though it doesn't last long at all before a number of them up and vanish again.

I also have an issue with one kind of largo glitching from inside a corral into the ground just outside the corral on different sides of said corral, though it still eats food from inside and outside the corral and creates plorts that spawn above itself on the ground outside the corral.

My last real glitch, if that's what it is, is that I'm having food from corrals seem to keep appearing or somehow getting to the other side of the ranch in the main ranch area?
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