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Lucky days

Postby Aetherskye » Sat Apr 06, 2019 4:28 pm

Today (4/6/19) is a very lucky day. Today I got 2 gold plorts (only 1 slime though, other, theoretically left a plort, eaten by Tarr.) a lucky slime, 4 royal jellies 2 from one apiary extraction.

It was only an advanced apiary... Same thing happened with a NOVICE Apiary (My first one on that save.)

Welp. Today was lucky. Was yours?

I would provide proof of the apiary business, but... a tarr knocked me out while I was taking a screenshot. Though it was a blessing in disguise. Items don't despawn (Get away buzzwax!) but if I had the jellies on me (No screen shot) I would have lost them...

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