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Custom FPS Limit

Postby Steppy20 » Wed Mar 27, 2019 6:56 am

Hi, I think I may have found a few problems with the game. At least from my perspective.

It is impossible to change the refresh rate when changing the resolution that the game is running at; it just changes itself back to the refresh rate of the monitor. I could manually change the refresh rate of the monitor each time I wanted to play this game but that seems like something that I shouldn't need to do.

As well as this, I am trying to lock the fps to a max of 72fps. This is because I can't quite get a stable framerate of 144fps and if it is locked to half of the refresh rate then it is noticeably smoother. I have tried doing this through NVIDIA Control Panel but it doesn't matter what vsync settings I enable, they just don't affect the game. That's with both vsync enabled and disabled via the in-game options.
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