Drones need more

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Drones need more

Postby Waffles » Wed Mar 20, 2019 1:41 pm

I think I got really invested in Slime Rancher, but the problem for me is especially with the drones. I heard an update is coming out for better drones in 1.4, but I have a few recommendation.

One is to make drone not only limited to one expansion.

I was amazed by the drone aspect of the game. Before I had gotten drones, I did not know how they worked, and also didn't search it up wanting to keep my excitement going. I imagined it would be something like drones from factorio, but it wasn't

Drones are practically useless apart from taking your plorts to the shop or to the lab, and when I realized they could only move in their own expansion, I had a very long sigh. Most of my excitement was for me to go on an adventure without having to worry about my quantum slimes running away or an overflow of plorts in my corrals. The excitement of fully automating my cute farms of slimes was gone, and I closed the game for the last time.

Don't get me wrong, I still love the idea of the game, but I feel as though drones have no purpose. The limit of 2 drones per expansion is alright, but I wish instead, there could be a maximum amount of drone we could have in total, and that drones could travel across expansions. I would have spent a lot more time in this game if I could feel the excitement of watching my drones work for me.

Finally, I wish we could pick what garden we could take food from with drones, and what corral to put them in. I love optimizing my farms to be perfect so every largo and every slime gets their favourite food for 2x plorts, but you can't do that with drones. Maybe each garden / corral could be assigned with some kind of number or identification, so when assigning drones work you can chooses which gardens to get which food and deliver them to which corral.

Thanks! Lot's of love to this game.
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