Highest Part of Mochi's Mansion is reachable

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Highest Part of Mochi's Mansion is reachable

Postby RadSlime3000 » Sat Jan 19, 2019 9:04 pm

I managed to reach the highest building point of the Mochi Miles ranch expansion, with some Largo boosting and hard parkour. it's kinda pointless to try for yourself, as there is nothing in there, and no rewards. this was done without glitches or modifications.

(i used a tactic called "Largo Boosting", where you use a largo, shoot it below you, use it as a platform while it bounces off the ground due to the impact, then jetpack off the largo because it counts as a solid platform. with this, i could just barely get onto the building. this is much easier when you aren't trying to do it on a single piece of a large magneticore array, however.)
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