High walls for incinerators

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High walls for incinerators

Postby lesbrarians » Tue Jan 01, 2019 5:48 am

I'm having some issues with my fire slimes... even with a charcoal brick to reduce agitation, they all keep leaping out of the incinerator and dying! I just returned to the Ranch and found that they're all gone :( I actually witnessed it happen once and was just appalled. I think it happens when I fill the ash trough all the way to the top -- it raises the ash level and puts them close to the top and then they can kind of worm their way out easily, but like, I always have so much extra food to burn, I want to keep that incinerator full, and a full food trough shouldn't increase the chances of your fire slimes escaping and dying anyway. I'd love to see an upgrade for the incinerator that reduced the chances of this happening, like higher walls for the incinerator that could stop the slimes from escaping (although that might make burning food a little more difficult...) or a bugfix. I've never had puddle slimes escape their ponds, only fire slimes escape the incinerator, so I'm not sure why they're doing this, asides from the aforementioned ash levels being too high!
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Re: High walls for incinerators

Postby akkamaddi » Tue Jan 01, 2019 8:45 am

As someone who loves fire slimes and compulsively tries to rescue them in the wild before they pop...

Re-think how you handle them, especially now that an empty ash trough does not kill them.

First, never fill your trough when there are slimes in it. Empty the trough. If there are slimes, when they move, this causes a bounce+bounce reaction and you get a super bounce, usually out of the trough. I have literally seen fire slimes fly into the sky and vanish. Also. if you leave the game and re-enter, this can cause a super bounce when the fire slimes re-populate. I've seen both plorts and slimes shoot straight up as the game area is loading.

I agree that a caged fire pit with "slime injector", feeder, and plort collector would be amazing. In the meantime....

Both of my games have two fire pits next to each other, and have a drone that collects plorts. Water the drone first, and have a large pile of a fruit or veggie.

Let the ash go empty.

Alternating between fire pits, shoot ten fruit into each fire. Casually switch between the fire pits, so the slimes have a moment to consume ash and produce plorts. Keep an eye on the bottom of the pit. You want to see the metal bottom. Keep going back and forth like this, or through your ash pits. (If you have one, just wait a few seconds.) When you think the slimes have started producing three plorts, switch to throwing in five fruit. Keep an eye on the ash level. When the slimes stop producing ash, feed until the ash gets to the top of the first/lowest metal slat on the trough siding. You only want to leave a thin layer of ash. This will jostle the slimes, but should not cause a super bounce.

I keep toughs with 15+ slimes in them this way. I still occasionally loose slimes, but I can produce a lot of fire plots with little worry.
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