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Suggestion for the game.

Postby Lucie59850 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 7:22 am

Hi baby slime, I'm a fan of Slime Rancher, my name is Lucie and I'm 23 years old and I'm French, that's how slimes can reach any age :)

If I post this topic is to make a non-exhaustive list of things to improve or implement BEFORE adding environments, slimes etc. These are mostly things that annoy me in my gaming experience.

I begin :

-The loss of IPS when too much and in the corral, due to the fact that I did not have time to recover them because of round trips. It would be necessary (next to the receiver of plorte) to put an indicator which would indicate the number of plorte obtained but it disappeared of the indicator when they go in the receiver and in return, to make them invisible of the Corral.

-The fact of not having a receiver of plorte and other for slimes aquatic is annoying and the fact that they only enter water is just as annoying, it's too simple. The impossible fusion between these and the others and just as boring.

-It is clearly not enough extention or they are poorly designed, I personally would like to collect all slimes and take care of it, and not be forced to make largos, to gain space and time, but in return the largos is more or less similar, I think you should abandon this mechanism or then see it again. The largos greatly decreases the difficulty at least that's my point of view.

-I often see a lot of new slime ideas and stuff, why not do mods support? That way everyone could have their own experience about the game and express their creative genius.

-Environments lack of fantasy, color, apart from the desert and the ruins the decorations are more or less similar, remember that we are on a planet, can not be able to go in the space to see on other planet to look for rare slimes? : Yummy:

-Before improving the vacpack to 100, increase the capacity to 75 with the shop, recover the plort 5 by 5 to save time because it is too long and finally increase the suction speed of the vacpack

-Display slimes gordo on the world map so you do not get lost all the time or have to look for them.

So much for the moment :)
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Re: Suggestion for the game.

Postby Lionmeow » Sun Dec 02, 2018 10:10 am

- I'm pretty sure that it indicates the amount of plorts on the plort collector.

- Puddle slimes are meant to be aquatic, and due to them being water slimes, it makes sense for them not to be on land. Although you don't have the abillity to make largos with puddle slimes, it adds a layer of difficulty. I do agree that the pond should have some upgrades, though.

- The idea of largos is the fusion of two different slimes. They are meant to look very similar to the original. Largos are meant to decrease the difficulty of keeping individual slimes.

- While you need unofficial tools, Monomi Park has expressed that they are fine with modding. Although I don't see them releasing a modding tool anytime soon.

- It's supposed to be one large planet, which could be why they look kind of similar. Being able to go to space would break the whole being a rancher thing, because you're traveling through space.

- While this would be nice, I would argue that would be a lot of the same upgrade in the shop.

- Slime Rancher is supposed to be an adventure game, meaning you explore around. You explore for new slimes, gordos, areas, etc. Although maybe they could make the first pink gordo visible.

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Re: Suggestion for the game.

Postby Lucie59850 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 10:22 am

I'm sorry but I did not post this topic in the hope of having only people with opposite opinions because it is the way to think always the opposite of a person. I express my ideas simply. There is no need to agree or not.
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Re: Suggestion for the game.

Postby EmeraldPlay » Sun Dec 02, 2018 2:45 pm

For ponds you can just use drones to collect the puddle plorts and sell them, and you can make gordos show up on the map once you feed them atleast once. Mod support isn't going to be something easy to implement, but it's something some of the devs would like. Oh, and I don't think that the devs are going to abandon largos this late into the game's life.
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