Slime Vehicles! (um, not made OF slime)

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Slime Vehicles! (um, not made OF slime)

Postby Lionmeow » Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:00 am

A slime vehicle is a vehicle powered by a slime. It is pretty simple tech, but requires a few items to use.

- Slime Shrink Ray: Shrinks slimes to use for powering vehicles.
- Slime Grow Ray: Grows slimes from being tiny, to normal, to giant.
- Slime Vehicle Station: A station where slime vehicles can be placed, and repaired. From slime vehicle stations, you can drive out of the ranch.

Slime vehicles can be used for many purposes. Moving around faster, finding treasure, collecting plorts, etc. Each slime vehicle requires a strange diamond. The basic slime vehicle is built with slightly common items, along with the strange diamond. When parked in the Slime Vehicle Station, it requires a tiny hunter slime, along with a chickadoo. Once both items are place in, you can now move pretty fast. Other tiers of slime vehicles slowly do more, or better things. Maybe I can even submit some sketches I made!
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