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Early Feedback

Postby Roshirai » Sat Apr 18, 2015 8:19 am

Hard to say at this stage what the most useful feedback would be, so I'm going to just shotgun blast a few notes here while the thoughts are still pretty fresh.

  • I like it! Early on, I formed the impression that the game is a lot like a first-person Viva Pinata, so that may end up coloring my feedback. :)
  • I know it's still early in development, but I would really appreciate better feedback when feeding slimes. Their "hungry faces" are a little subtle sometimes, and it would be nice to explicitly be able to tell when you fail to feed them something whether they don't like eating that food or just aren't hungry.
  • Once I realized there were hybrid slime breeds, I started experimenting with what I kept in my corral.
    • I wish sticking a bunch of regular slimes together resulted in something new, like a DQ King Slime. This was the first thing I tried, and so it was kinda frustrating collecting, storing and then discarding all those slimes for nothing.
    • Related, but longer-term: I feel like there should be a lot of hybrids/variants that you can make solely out of regular slimes so that they always feel relevant. Lots of space there for that: they could change based on what you feed them, when you feed them, how many are in the corral, how well you're taking care of them, and so on.
  • My first purchase was a coop. This was fine, but once I started trying to make hybrids, only having the one corral felt really restrictive. Have you guys ever experimented with a two corral start, just to give the player more opportunities for combining?
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Re: Early Feedback

Postby Nick » Sat Apr 18, 2015 10:56 am

Thanks for the feedback!

The comparison to Viva is awesome. I'm sure I was inspired by that game, it was so awesome.

The hungry faces and faces and expressions in general are a work in progress. I'd like to ultimately go for a mix between their faces explicitly telling you what's up and their actions doing the other half. I want to avoid the slimes simply wearing 'masks' all the time to inform the player their states as I think that would end up sucking out the life from them a bit. But I definitely hear you.

There's actually hybrids for ever slime type save gold and tarr. They're called 'largos' as a nod to SK. You can make a largo of any type by feeding an unlike plort to a slime. However a largo that eats an unlike plort results in a tarr. But I would *love* to go beyond that and have all kinds of things a la the dq slime kings. I'm just not sure how that would work into the game at the moment other than as events/hazards out on the range. There's actually 'slime stacks' that appear randomly that you likely haven't seen yet, but those are mostly for show. But Mike and I have talked about slime boulders, slimealanches, slimenadoes, etc.

As for the starting ranch tech, we've always felt a single corral works alright and then some cash to have you pick your next thing. Right now you start with just under enough for that thing. Maybe that feels too grindy at the start though? In any case we've also talked about adding systems that would allow you to earn ranch tech outside of the plort economy so maybe that would solve it.

Thanks again for the feedback :)
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